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    “The Dreaming” Exhibition

    Bundjalung Kunjiel is a world renowned Aboriginal dance troupe, run by group member, Goompi Ugerabah, they are all locals of the Tweed Heads and Gold Coast area.
    In July this year, the troupe toured France for the third time in recent years, this time adding San Sebastian in Spain to their resume of countries that have visited.
    The tour took them from Paris, winding down through the south of France, into Spain and back to up to Paris again.
    The group presented their tribal songs and dances to the French and Spanish through a list of festivals and private functions. The Festivals included “Le Reve De Aborigene” in Airvault, Montignac Festival in Montignac and Le Soufflé du Reve near Montpellier.
    The group wowed crowds with their unique culture and talent, but also took time out of their busy schedule to visit historical and rare sights such as the many castles, the “Tour de France”, and caves of the Perigold district.
    One of the highlights was a visit to The Chateau de Commarque which is an old castle built hundreds of years ago, whilst meeting the “Lady Commarque” (princess of this castle) we were also privileged to be taken by a French elder into a secret, private cave, only visited by a handful of people. The cave art of mammoths, unicorns, and other animals were etched into the walls of the cave 1000s of years ago, to see this was a once in a lifetime experience for the troupe members.
    “Another successful tour once again, we have met new friends, contacts and learnt more of the French language, but above all, we have passed on our culture to the world audience, as this is the point of why we practice our culture and at the same time we have again, proudly represented our country and people”, Goompi stated.
    A big positive to come our of the groups trip is, Goompi securing a series of exhibitions of his Aboriginal artworks in galleries throughout Paris, opening early January 2015.

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